The Book of Malachi

by T. C. Farren
Release date: October 13, 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, thriller

In this frightening, high-concept science fiction thriller, a mute survivor of civil war must confront the horrors of organ farming on a deep-sea oilrig.

Malachi Dakwaa is a mute survivor of African civil war. He has seen his loved ones slaughtered and had his tongue cut out. Disengaged from the world, he's performing mind-numbing work in a chicken factory, when he gets an extraordinary job offer he can't refuse.

In exchange for six months as warden on a top-secret organ-farming project, Frasier Pharmaceuticals will graft him a new tongue.

Far out to sea, he finds himself among warlords and mass murderers of the kind who maimed him and murdered his family. 

But are the prisoners as evil as Frasier says? Do they deserve their fate?

As doubt starts to grow, the stories of the desperate will not be silenced - not even his own. Covertly Malachi comes to know them, even the ones he fears, and as his own memories gain force, he must make a choice - if he wants to try to save one, he must save them all. And risk everything himself.

updated 2020-10-13

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