The Faery Queen's Daughter

by Melissa Marr
The Faery Queen's Daughter by Melissa Marr 8.00   1

To save the magical creatures in the Land of Faery, Ivy - eldest daughter of the queen of Faery - must use her wits and her heart. As the queen's madness grows, the land shifts in dangerous, hostile ways.

When Ivy rescued a baby from the Wild Hunt, she had no idea that he would change the world. Since time passes differently in her world, the baby she once saved is a grown boy who can help her save her home. Now, Ivy brings him to the Land of Faery to enlist his help.

Jack Merry has no idea that the creatures in his stories are real. He just wants a friend, a family, someone who listens. His stories are the only way he can convince the villagers to stop and spend time at his side. So, when Ivy arrives and whisks him off to a magical land, Jack isn't sure whether to be terrified or grateful that someone thinks he's special.

With the aid of the tiny faeries, a glaistig, and boy who can re-create the world almost as quickly as the queen breaks it, Ivy might save her home, her friends, and even her mother.


"Returning to her most notable expertise, Melissa Marr choreographs a dance of darkness and whimsy in this lush tale of the Faery realm that has a definite Grimm-esque feel to it. Truth, duty, and unselfishness guide a duo of a faery princess and a mortal storyteller as they race to save an immortal realm that has turned into a nightmare. The descriptions and characters are a virtual Folklore:101 that will satisfy lore experts and new young readers.” - Aprilynne Pike, #1 New York Times Bestselling author of Wings and Glitter

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Release date May 2019
Details updated February 14, 2020
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