Armageddon: The Musical (Armageddon Trilogy #1) - Robert Rankin8.00

It is the year 2050 and the soap opera "The Earthers" is making big video bucks in the intergalactic ratings race. Alien TV executives know exactly what the old earth drama needs to make the off-world audience sit up and stare - a spectacular Armageddon-type finale.


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Release date: 1990
Genres: science fiction
Tags: humor
Average rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: January 19, 2017

Armageddon Trilogy :: Series

Armageddon: The Musical (Armageddon Trilogy #1)8.00
They Came and Ate Us, Armageddon II: The B-Movie (Armageddon Trilogy #2)
The Suburban Book of the Dead, Armageddon III: The Remake (Armageddon Trilogy #3)