Soldier Sworn (The Teralin Sword, #3)

Destined to lead the Denraen, Endric knows he must first understand himself and his connection to teralin. They are answers he can only find learning about his ancestors, the mysterious Antrilii warriors. Finding them requires he travel north through lands the Denraen cannot safely patrol, and even accompanied by Brohmin, he might barely survive.

Reaching the Antrilii is only part of the challenge, as not all are pleased he came to their lands. There he discovers a family secret that will require Endric to make a dangerous choice, but it might be the only way he can prove himself — not only to the Antrilii, but to himself — and save more than his family, but people he had never imagined he would call his own.

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Release date: August 2017
Genres: fantasy > high fantasy
Updated 2020-02-19