Shifted Agony (The Painter Mage, #1)
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Shifted Agony

by D. K. Holmberg
Release date: April 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyurban fantasy

My name is Oliver Morris and I’m a painter. I can use color and shapes and patterns to infuse them with power. In that, I’m more like a wizard than anything, except I don’t have any spells or incantations. Sometimes I wished I did; it might be easier than working the magic I command.

After my father's disappearance - not dead, though I'm the only one to believe he's not - I was exiled from Arcanus, the only place to learn painter magic and discover what happened to him. Or so I thought.

For the last ten years, I was forced to learn the dangerous arcane patterns, patterns forbidden in Arcanus. And now I've finally returned home, determined to find out what happened to my father.

Only, it turns out my father was hiding more secrets than I realized. When another painter from Arcanus shows up, she unleashes a deadly threat that our world hasn't seen in centuries.

Somehow, I'm the only one able to stop it.

Shifted Agony is the first book in The Painter Mage urban fantasy series.

updated 2020-02-19

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