Keeper of Light

by D. K. Holmberg
Release date: March 2015
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, romance

Eris must rebuild the lost Gardens of Elaysia to stop the coming darkness, but doing so risks the life she desperately wants with Terran.

In the aftermath of the recent attack, Eris wants nothing but peace and the chance to enjoy her life with Terran as she learns what it means to be a keeper of both trees and flowers. But when she finds a message with a strange and powerful flower, she learns a threat greater than the magi has reappeared.

Understanding this threat takes her on another quest, this time to convince the only remaining keeper of trees to teach her. She travels to the one place her magic cannot, dragging Terran and her mysterious guardian Shadow with her. If she fails, much more than her life will be lost, but all of Light will be lost.

updated 2020-02-19

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