A Forging of Power

by D. K. Holmberg
Release date: September 2019
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

A dangerous game nears its end. All must find their purpose, but the rules have changed around them.

A dark energy descends, and Haern searches for understanding. The metal he’s known his entire life, metal he’s come to know better than almost anyone alive, has changed. Now he must find out why. The key to this dark power is something unexpected, and requires him to seek a dangerous alliance.

While exploring the space between Sliding, Lucy finds a danger she had never expected. Now she must find her way past before it’s too late. She searches for help from an expected source, but the key to survival must come from her.

As Daniel discovers an attack unlike any the Ai’thol have thrown at them before, he realizes the game has changed — as has the opponent. Surviving means gaining a new understanding, but time is short and he still doesn’t fully understand his newly augmented powers.

Ryn searches for answers, questioning everything she’s been shown. The Temple of the Mind is the key, but when it falls, how will she learn what she needs in time?

A dark power pushes toward them unlike anything they’ve ever faced. All must find their purpose before the final battle unfolds, but each move reveals they might have already lost.

updated 2020-02-19

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