Odds and Gods

by Tom Holt
Release date: 1995
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy
Tags: humor

It's a God's life...

...at the Sunnyvoyde Residential Home for retired deities. Everlasting life can be a real drag when all you've got to look forward to is cauliflower cheese on Wednesdays.

For a start, there's a major techincal problem with the thousand-year-old traction engine which has been lovingly restored by those almighty duffers Thor, Odin and Frey... the damn thing actually goes.

And then there's Osiris, pushed one tapioca too far by a power-crazy godson with friends in very smelly places, and forced to set out on a quest which will test his wheelchair to the very limits.

Only one thing might save the world from an eternity of chaos... dentures. It's true.

Honest to god.


(updated 2016-10-14)

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