A Dance of Smoke and Steel

Milla Vane
fantasy > high fantasy, romance
A Dance of Smoke and Steel (A Gathering of Dragons #3) - Milla Vane

As Anumith the Destroyer's army draws nearer to the western realms, an alliance is forming to stand against him. The heir to the throne of Krimathe embarks upon a quest for the goddess Vela - a quest that the goddess has promised will give her strength enough to defeat the Destroyer.

All that Laina must do is to stay silent... and serve a man she has sworn to kill. A man who helped destroy her family.

The son of a demon warlord and only recently freed from years of torture, Saxen seeks to make amends to his people before facing the justice of the Krimathean queen's blade. When a mysterious, silent woman who wears a questing cloak joins his small band of warriors, he only wishes to rid himself of her.

But she isn't so easy to get rid of - and fulfilling her quest might come at a far higher cost than Laina could imagine. For she might gain the strength to defeat the Destroyer... but what she needs from Saxen will destroy him first.

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Release date: October 26, 2021
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, romance
Expectation rating: 7.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: September 26, 2021