Threader Origins

by Gerald Brandt
Release date: January 12, 2021
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

This first book of a new sci-fi series introduces an alternate earth where powerful Threads have the power to alter reality as we know it.

Threads. Quantum Strings that can change reality.

Thanks to a powerful Machine created by his father, Darwin is one of the few that has been gifted the rare ability to see and manipulate Threads. He's proud of their work and believes his ongoing contribution to his dad's science will help save humanity.

But when an experiment goes wrong, reality is shattered and Darwin is pulled to an alternate Earth. Here, the world has been ravaged by war and Darwin begins to suspect it's the fault of The Machine. His unsophisticated control of the Threads is not powerful enough to get him back home and his presence has attracted attention on both sides of the battle.

Between a vicious Qabal eager to capture his power and a legion of soldiers whose minds and bodies have been shattered by Threads, Darwin must either fight, hide, or get home to stop the war from destroying his version of Earth.

updated 2021-01-12

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