The Demon Princes: Volume 2

by Jack Vance
Release date: 1997
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction

Kirth Gersen carries in his pocket a slip of paper with a list of five names written upon it – the names of five Demon Princes. The Demon Princes are a race of beings who disguise themselves as humans and delight in power and destruction. However, to Kirth they are merely murderers who killed his family and destroyed his home planet – and who deserve to die for those misdeeds. Three have already fallen at Kirth's hands, but there are two more names on the list, two more Princes who will live only long enough to regret their evil ways. Lens Larque was just as unique as the other Demon Princes – uniquely appalling. Howard Alan Treesong poisoned his friends, tortured his colleagues, and wrote his own horrific holy book, The Book of Dreams. But, clever as he may be, a galaxy-wide guessing game will be his undoing – and Kirth Gersen's sworn vengeance will be complete.'

”Jack Vance is one of the truly important science fiction writers of our day.” – Los Angeles Times Book Review

”Vance's descriptive eye is sharp, and his ear for the language is close to infallible.” – New York Newsday

”(Vance has) a velvety elegance that rivals John Gielgud reciting poetry... One of the treasures of science fiction.” – Washington Post Book World

(updated 2010-09-07)

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