Daughter of Sorrows

Kyle Alexander Romines
fantasy > high fantasy + sword and sorcery
Daughter of Sorrows - Kyle Alexander Romines

A short story.

A short story set between the events of The Blood of Kings and The Will of Queens.

Ravenna of Munster is the most dangerous woman in Fál.

A princess. A sorceress. A murderess.

In Esben Berengar, she found a second chance at happiness. But revenge cost her everything — including her throne.

Stripped of her crown and banished from Munster, Ravenna finds herself at her lowest point. But even in defeat, a dark sorceress is a formidable adversary, and Ravenna still has plans for Fál... and Berengar.

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Release date: October 2019
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy + sword and sorcery
Updated: August 22, 2021

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