The Earth Transformed (Wasteland: Rangers and Raiders #1) - Michael A. Stackpole, Nathan Long

A novella.

You Can't Keep A Good Ranger Down

Hunting for the source of the killer robots terrorizing the Arizona wastes, a team of Desert Rangers stumbles into the town of Darwin's Village. The people there are weak and getting weaker, dying of a disease born inside the research facility that employs them all.

As the rangers search the facility for a cure, one of them, Ghost, is also looking for other answers. Only days before he awoke in a cloning chamber knowing nothing of his previous life except that he'd worn a ranger's star and he'd died in Darwin's Village.

But who killed him? And why? And more importantly, can he fill the boots of the man he used to be?

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Release date: May 2014
Genres: science fiction
Updated: May 11, 2020

Wasteland: Rangers and Raiders :: Series

Series of novellas set in the world of Wasteland 2, the post-apocalyptic computer role playing game by InXile Entertainment.

The Earth Transformed (Wasteland: Rangers and Raiders #1)
The Death Machines (Wasteland: Rangers and Raiders #2)