Requiem Moon (Scarlet Odyssey #2) - C. T. Rwizi7.34

Salo must journey into the heart of darkness to find his way back home in the next epic book of C. T. Rwizi’s debut series.

Salo’s queen has finally accepted his desire to be a mystic despite taboos concerning men’s use of magic. But her acceptance is not support; it is strategy.

Under a disguise of the queen’s making, Salo enters Jungle City as a pilgrim to the Red Temple, only to find a magical barrier barring his entrance. Left at the mercy of the warring political factions that run the city, Salo faces a series of obstacles wrought by an unseen hand, knowing he cannot return home without completing his pilgrimage.

But Isa, King of the Saire clan, has her own plans for Salo. She needs his help to extract the Covenant Diamond from the Red Temple’s inner sanctum — an artifact with the power to end her tribe’s divisions, prevent a genocide, and even save herself from her fate. His new task in hand, Salo navigates a cursed maze of invisible authority — and when he encounters shocking revelations about the power residing in the depths of the undercity, he must wield his magic to finally bring the truth about his world’s history to light.

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Release date: March 23, 2021
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Expectation rating: 7.34/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: March 23, 2021

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