Savi is different. Not only does she crave blood, she can change into a wolf beneath the moon. If only that was it.

George is haunted. Both by the demon within him and the phantom of his father.

George Alcott grieves a sudden death and struggles to contain his want for revenge. Pushed further away from his only allies he relies on a phantom which haunts his home. Going against the witches he must find answers to free his ghostly companion. But when Hunters infiltrate the town, George must choose who he will protect in the war to come.

Savannah Danvers is changing every day. Not only can she shift into the beast she once hated, but she has access to strange abilities which belong to no vampire or werewolf. Will, the Hunter, is back, but with his arrival comes an ominous danger. Time is against her as she fights for what she deems right. But when her secret is outed, she goes from hunter, to hunted.

In the third installment of the Hillcrest Supernaturals series, George and Savi prepare for a storm. One that will leave Hillcrest’s street running red with blood.

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Release date: February 2019
Genres: fantasy > urban fantasy, young adult
Updated 2020-05-23