An English Apocalypse

by Paul J. C. Edge
An English Apocalypse (The Summer Haven #1) - Paul J. C. Edge N/A

Our World faced extermination by a group of infected meteoroids from space, which carried an infection that turned ordinary people into rabid killers. This is a record of how two estranged twin brothers survived the apocalypse. One brother planned for the survival of our species and made ready for the world to come on a small island in Scotland, persevering despite having to manage the utter disbelief of the people around him. The other, having survived a harrowing cacophony of life events, learned to harness his anger and channel it to help those who survived. Together they faced the abyss shoulder to shoulder.

The premise of this first book of the trilogy is to consider an ordinary man getting advance warning of the impending apocalypse plus the funds to run a project to protect a small number of friends. As no one would believe his dreams, he must be careful in how he engages his colleagues on this project in order to avoid being branded insane. It examines what he would need to consider in terms of a safe haven, but also the skills and materials that would be required to survive, but then to start life again from scratch. Two estranged brothers come together from two radically different backgrounds and two different battlefields to fight the infection and the hordes of insane humans that are propagating the virus to every corner of the World. One brother has to navigate the incredulity as he builds a safe haven, the other has to survive when faced with a series of horrible life events. Both are guided by a mysterious white figure that appears in their dreams.

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Release date April 10, 2020 (Amazon Kindle Direct Publishing)
Details updated November 13, 2022

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An English Apocalypse (The Summer Haven #1) N/A