Dark Stars

by Danielle Rollins
Dark Stars (Dark Stars #3) - Danielle Rollins 7.00   1

The final time-twisting installment in Danielle Rollins’s epic time travel romance, perfect for fans of Alexandra Bracken and Kiera Cass.

Dorothy finds herself completely alone.

Roman is dead. The Chronology Protection Agency wants nothing to do with her. The Black Cirkus no longer trusts her. And Ash... Ash is gone.

Dorothy has seen the evidence with her own eyes — she knows that she was the one who killed Ash. But she still has no idea how, when, or — most importantly — why. But the discovery of several missing pages from the Professor’s journal drives a narrow sliver of hope into her heart.

Without a ship, it should be impossible for Dorothy to travel through time. But Dorothy will do anything to protect Ash — and to save what’s left of their ruined world.

Also known as Stolen Time Book 3.

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Release date March 2, 2021
Details updated January 30, 2023

Dark Stars :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Stolen Time (Dark Stars #1) 7.00   1
Twisted Fates (Dark Stars #2) 7.00   1
Dark Stars (Dark Stars #3) 7.00   1