Exile of the Seas

by Jeffe Kennedy
Release date: September 2018
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy, romance

Around the shifting borders of the Twelve Kingdoms, trade and conflict, danger and adventure put every traveler on guard... but some have everything to lose.


Once she was known as Jenna, Imperial Princess of Dasnaria, schooled in graceful dance and comely submission. Until the man her parents married her off to almost killed her with his brutality.

Now, all she knows is that the ship she’s boarded is bound away from her vicious homeland. The warrior woman aboard says Jenna’s skill in dancing might translate into a more lethal ability. Danu’s fighter priestesses will take her in, disguise her as one of their own — and allow her to keep her silence.

But it’s only a matter of time until Jenna’s monster of a husband hunts her down. Her best chance to stay hidden is to hire out as bodyguard to a caravan traveling to a far-off land, home to beasts and people so unfamiliar they seem like part of a fairy tale. But her supposed prowess in combat is a fraud. And sooner or later, Jenna’s flight will end in battle — or betrayal

updated 2020-06-15

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