The King of the Fallen

by David Dalglish
Release date: July 17, 2020
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy

“Yet again, the brother gods destroy the land with their selfish war...”

The angels were meant to protect Dezrel. They were meant to guide humanity out from the wreckage of the second Gods' War. But their high priest Azariah has betrayed them all. The ruling angels have fallen, their forms twisted, their color faded, and their wings stained black with the god Ashhur's disgust. In their rage, they are no longer content to guide. With Azariah at their head, they will rule. They will form their perfect world, no matter how many human lives must be sacrificed.

In the north, the greatest remaining angel Ahaesarus gathers the beastmen tribes to wield them as an army against the Fallen. To the south, the surviving members of the Eschaton Mercenaries flee the ever-expanding reach of the Fallen. The boy king of Mordeina travels with them under the protection of the Godslayer, Harruq Tun. He is the last hope to unite the fracturing human kingdom to stand against complete domination, and the Fallen will capture him at any cost.

But Azariah has in his possession the journal of Karak's Prophet, and access to its forbidden spells within. Those beloved to the Godslayer will suffer... even those beyond the grave.

THE KING OF THE FALLEN by David Dalglish

Even gods may betray their beloved.

updated 2020-07-17

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