Aru's Realm

H. A. Byrd
fantasy > animal fantasy + high fantasy
Aru's Realm - H. A. Byrd

Aru lives in a world without the concept of war. It is a time of steam trains and horse-drawn carriages... and hazardous lizards.

Each chapter of Aru’s Realm immerses the reader in a different color, playing on the association of hues with emotions and events, the tints and shades of reality. Carefully integrated details paint an impression of blue, or red, or green —

In the beginning, it is black. Deep in the woods, we meet Aru, a girl on the threshold of adulthood. Before her aged grandma leaves her alone in the world, she wants to see Aru secure in a place where her differences don’t cause her so much grief. But unbeknownst to both, a sorcerer has other plans.

Because Aru is not like the others, she is able to look beyond what is considered normal. But is it her unique traits that have attracted the attention of this unknown master of magic? Who is this person that is meddling in her life? Why single her out to torment?

Aru’s Realm is a story of power, compassion, and courage. Treading the fine line between imaginative thinking and madness, Aru must learn to handle her own abilities, live her own life, and at the same time work with her friends to save more than one world.

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Release date: March 2020
Publisher: Bibliogoblin Publications
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy + high fantasy
Tags: absurdism, humor, metafiction, surrealism
Expectation rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: September 29, 2021