The Book of the Dun Cow (Chauntecleer the Rooster #1) - Walter Wangerin, Jr.5.26

The timeless National Book Award-winning story of the epic struggle between good and evil.

In a time when the sun revolved around the Earth, and the animals could speak, Chauntecleer the Rooster rules justly over his kingdom. But while peace reigns for Chauntecleer, evil is brewing across the river, as the monstrous Cockatrice pillages his own lands and people, preparing for the return of Wyrm.

Imprisoned within the Earth to contain this ancient evil, Wyrm is determined to return, with the help of Cockatrice. Keeping Wyrm in his prison is a task too great for any individual animal, so it is up to Chantecleer to rally all of the animals, great and small, to work together to keep the Earth safe once again.

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Release date: 1978
Genres: fantasyanimal fantasy
Average rating: 5.26/10
Total ratings: 4
Updated: July 10, 2020