The Dollmaker of Kalastra

Christer Lende
fantasy > high fantasy
The Dollmaker of Kalastra - Christer Lende

A novella.

When missing people return as a violent concoctions of beast and human, two beasthunters must find the source of the abominations before panic spreads.

Khendric and Topper take the case and discover uncanny monstrosities, neighbourhoods with no residents, and a beastly infestation, all in hope of leading them closer to the creator of the abominations. Are the monsters themselves the threat... or what created them?

The ‘Dollmaker of Kalastra’ takes place just before the events of ‘The Beast Hunters’, the first book in ‘The Beast Hunters’ series, and tells a story about the two beasthunters before they take a young girl to be their beasthunter apprentice.

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Release date: February 2020
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Expectation rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: June 28, 2022

The Beast Hunters :: Series


The Dollmaker of Kalastra
The Beast Hunters7.26