The Other Side of Silence

by Margaret Mahy
Release date: October 1995
Type: other fiction
Genres: mainstream, magical realism, young adult, mystery

Hero's family is famous for its gifted, articulate children. Ginevra excels in math and science, Athol in metaphysics; Sapphira is a budding wordsmith. Only Hero is different: she does not speak. Yet, all things considered, the Rappers' lives are relatively peaceful... until Hero's wayward sister Ginevra suddenly returns home, bringing with her both an abandoned boy and a secret, and Hero begins to do odd-jobs for their enigmatic neighbor Miss Credence, whose stately old house guards an even more shocking secret.

An unforgettable mixture of subtlety and suspense, The Other Side of Silence explores the mysterious spaces between what is real and what is true — the spaces between sound and silence.

updated 2020-08-13

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