Museum Beetles

by Simon Kewin
Museum Beetles - Simon Kewin N/A

Museum Beetles – a Fantasy Short Story

For the people who live in the vast, uncharted halls of the Museum, the world is changing. Great Beetles escape their gold and crystal display cabinet and begin to colonise the other rooms. Devouring, growing, changing. Slowly, the people’s world is destroyed.

Facing oblivion, one person suggests the impossible. To escape the unending halls and go outside. No one knows if such a thing is possible, if there even is an outside. But soon there is little choice but to try…

Given an honourable mention in Gardner Dozois’s Year’s Best SF, 2005.

“Fantastic short story ... highly recommended”
“A lesson in brilliant storytelling. The world building is phenomenal ... deserves an award” – LitHaven

Category: Fantasy

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Release date November 2013
Details updated May 25, 2022
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