The Summer Thieves

Paul Di Filippo
science fiction > space opera
The Summer Thieves (Quinary #1) - Paul Di Filippo7.34

A masterful, witty, picaresque science fiction adventure story evoking the styles of Gene Wolfe and Jack Vance, The Summer Thieves is the first novel in the new Quinary series by noted author and reviewer Paul Di Filippo.

He chased his dreams of the ideal summer across a galaxy of thieves...

Far in the glorious interstellar future, a time of riches and complex technologies, the stern but utilitarian Quinary guards and regulates the flourishing human-colonized galaxy. Under their business-like rule, a family may own a whole planet. And so two bloodlines — the Corvivios clan and the Soldavere clan — are in full possession of the lush and benign world of Verano. The youngest members of each family — Johrun Corvivios and Minka Soldavere — are slated to wed. All looks rosy for the joint family enterprises.

But then the happy future is dramatically and tragically overturned! Circumstances separate the lovers and rob them of their places in the galaxy, and Johrun must undertake a desperate quest across the stars to reclaim his birthright. At first aided only by his devoted chimeric helper, the canny Lutramella, Johrun will face a thousand deadly challenges, from malign magicians to haughty outlaws.

As his character is matured in fire, his dedication to Verano and his determination to return increase, and his group of friends and allies becomes stronger... but will the precious Summer Planet, and his bride-to-be, even be the same when — and if — he returns?

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Release date: April 6, 2021
Genres: science fictionspace opera
Expectation rating: 7.34/10
Total ratings: 3
Updated: August 26, 2021

Quinary :: Series

The Summer Thieves (Quinary #1)7.34