The Changing Land
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The Changing Land

by Roger Zelazny
Release date: 1981
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasysword and sorcery

A novel of Dilvish the Damned.

Locus Award nominee 1982.

The sky darkened as they rode, the pale, westering sun growing fainter and fainter. They rode for several minutes, hurrying past two more gleaming human statues. The distances between the ghostly stands of stone began to widen.

Abruptly, the singing winds ceased. Far ahead, a large, open area came into view, where the ground was darker and lightly ridged. Stormbird's pace increased moments before they felt a sharp vibration, followed by a loud explosion from overhead. For several seconds the sky grew bright as day, and then it darkened again.

A little farther along, tiny flakes of fire began to descent like snow. Soon they were upon them, and Dilvish raised his cloak to shield Arlata and himself.

Waves of changing magic blow across the land surrounding Castle Timeless, because Tualua, the ancient magical being bound into the service of the sorceror Jelerak, has gone mad. And Jelerak has vanished to parts unknown.

While the waves of magic throw the land into chaos – altering time, changing terrain, blocking other magic spells – Castle Timeless is also in turmoil. Opportunistic, rival sorcerors vie to seize the powers inhereent in the castle, and daily more travelers journey through the changing land, to try to harness Tualua's powers or to await the return of Jelerak.

Among the travelers are Arlata, who would harness Tualua's power for good; Weleand, who claims the same goal; and Dilvish, whose search for vengeance plunges him into a perilous adventure through all the limits of time.

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