Fate of the Free Lands (Empress of the Endless Sea #3) - Jack Campbell

Trapped inside the Empire, Captain Jules of Landfall has to use every deadly trick and strategy she knows to avoid recapture by the Emperor’s legions, and stay alive despite every attempt the Mages make to kill her. The only chance to get away may require walking back into the trap she barely escaped the first time. But even her freedom won’t be enough. The prophecy that consumes Jules’s life demands she has an heir to carry on her line. Yet how can she satisfy that while being hunted everywhere? And what might the prophecy cause to happen if she doesn’t have a child?

Battling wind, waves, implacable Mage assassins, and Imperial ships, Jules is forced to turn to an unlikely ally — the hated Mechanics. She must gather men, women, and ships from all of the new settlements to face the Imperial legionaries and galleys. For only Jules can lead the free people of the west in the final battle that could be their salvation — or the destruction of all that she’s fought for.

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Release date: July 2020
Genres: fantasy, steampunk
Expectation rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: September 21, 2020

Empress of the Endless Sea :: Series

A prequel series to The Pillars of Reality.

Belongs to the series The Pillars of Reality

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