Dragon's Blood (Curse of the Drakku #2) - Jason J. Nugent

A fractured world reveals a bloody truth.

Lailoken’s past haunts him. Kidnapped from his homeland, he’s angry and ready to kill. But a mighty Garnet dragon presents a problem he cannot ignore.

Awakening to the possibility he dedicated his life to evil, he struggles to accept his new reality. Will he choose the Drakku whom he’s slaughtered all his life or will he uphold his honor as a dragonslayer?

Time is running out. The gray-souls roam once again and a dark force grows powerful. He must choose a side before the realm descends into chaos he cannot control.

The future of Tregaron rests on his decision.

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Release date: August 27, 2019
Publisher: Jason J. Nugent
Genres: fantasy, adventure
Tags: dragons, shapeshifters
Updated: September 06, 2021