Book of the Elder Wisdom

R. Walter Dutton
science fiction, horror > weird fiction, mystery
Book of the Elder Wisdom - R. Walter Dutton

It is 1984... Orwell’s year. Yet, it seems, not his alone, for it marks the coming of the Elder Wisdom: the legacy of another long-dead author, which threatens to become a reality of eldritch horror, conjured by monstrous forces from beyond our world.

An unwitting heir to this legacy stumbles onto its dark mysteries, and sets out to solve them – on a quest that ranges from an ancient tower of the Anasazi in the American Southwest, to the streets of Skid Row Los Angeles, and finally into the farthest reaches of time and space.

The Book of the Elder Wisdom renders a faithful account of these strange events and all that ultimately transpired, as told to R. Walter Dutton.

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Release date: September 1, 2020
Publisher: Independently Published
Genres: science fiction, horrorweird fiction, mystery
Tags: cthulhu mythos, science fiction horror
Expectation rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: March 08, 2022