Unicorn Variations
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Unicorn Variations

by Roger Zelazny
Release date: 1983
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: science fiction, fantasy, non-fiction, short stories
Tags: locus award

Locus Award 1984, Balrog Award 1984.

A collection of stories and essays.

  • Unicorn Variation (1982)
  • The Last of the Wild Ones (1981)
  • Recital (1981)
  • The Naked Matador (1981)
  • The Parts That Are Only Glimpsed: Three Reflexes (1978)
  • Dismal Light (1968)
  • Go Starless in the Night (1979)
  • But Not the Herald (1965)
  • A Hand Across the Galaxy (1967)
  • The Force That Through the Circuit Drives the Current (1976)
  • Home is the Hangman (1975)
  • Fire and/or Ice (1980)
  • Exeunt Omnes (1980)
  • A Very Good Year (1979)
  • My Lady of the Diodes (1970)
  • And I Only Am Escaped to Tell Thee (1981)
  • The Horses of Lir (1981)
  • The Night Has 999 Eyes (1964)
  • Angel, Dark Angel (1967)
  • Walpurgisnacht (1981)
  • The George Business (1980)
  • Some Science Fiction Parameters: A Biased View (1975)

"MORE BEER," quoth the griffin.

Man's reign on Earth is almost over. Waiting in the wings are the creatures of myth and legend that our reality has denied existence for too long: the boisterous griffin, the thoughtful sasquatch, and most dangerous of all, the charming, but devious, unicorn...

Deeply whimsical and delightfully disturbing, "Unicorn Variation" is one of the most acclaimed of Zelazny's recent works. Also included in this new collection are the Hugo-winning novella "Home Is the Hangman"; the rescued-from-oblivion "My Lady of the Diodes"; and speculative voyages both awesome and small, such as "A Hand Across the Galaxy," "The Horses of Lir," "Go Starless in the Night," "The Naked Matador," and much more from a modern master who has received over twenty Hugo and Nebula awards and nominations.

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