The Jaguar Knight

Ann Aguirre
fantasy, romance > paranormal romance
The Jaguar Knight (Ars Numina #6) - Ann Aguirre

Slay's story.

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Release date: 2021
Genres: fantasy, romanceparanormal romance
Expectation rating: 7.50/10
Total ratings: 2
Updated: November 03, 2021

Ars Numina :: Series

From the author's website:

"Welcome to the dangerous, delicious world of Ars Numina - with the fae Eldritch, ferocious Animari, and brutal Golgoth fighting for their happy endings. If you love paranormal romance and shapeshifters, this series is for you. The most notable aspect is that there are no human characters. They do exist elsewhere in the world, but these stories are set exclusively in paranormal territories. The books are both futuristic and alt-world, with enough intrigue, passion and action to sate an eager appetite.

The fae Eldritch have inspired elven and fairy lore over the years. They have strange tech and an ancient culture. A long-lived people, they are elegant and inscrutable to other supernatural powers. They also train an order of legendary assassins, known as Noxblades, and their ultimate goal is unknown. The Animari are shifters with three main groups in power: the Ash Valley pride (cats), the Burnt Amber clan (bears), and the Pine Ridge pack (wolves). There are other shifters, but they are not part of the official alliance, and therefore lack political leverage. The Golgoth are the most feared, known to be brutal and relentless in their drive to conquest, and when they transform, it is into draconian or monstrous reptilian forms."

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