A Time of Exile (Deverry Series #5) - Katharine Kerr7.62

Book One of The Westlands Cycle


It is many years since Lord Rhodry took the throne of Aberwyn, yet his half-elven blood keeps him so young that his people suspect magic. Elven magic. And they aren't sure they like it.

Then his lost lover, Jill, now a powerful sorceress, returns. She tells him it is time to accept his elven heritage. Rhodry is persuaded to take drastic action and stages his own death. It's an act that will lead him to the mysterious Westlands. And force him to confront his destiny. Whether he likes it or not.

Katharine Kerr shot to fame with her highly original saga of the land of Deverry. Her smooth writing, warm characters and enticing plots won her legions of readers. Now with A Time of Exile she begins an exciting new series which reveals her gifts in even greater abundance.

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Release date: 1991
Genres: fantasyhigh fantasy
Average rating: 7.62/10
Total ratings: 8
Updated: August 18, 2021

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