Double Threat - F. Paul Wilson

You know things are bad when the voice in your head is the only one you can trust. A new stand-alone thriller from New York Times bestselling author F. Paul Wilson!

In the southwestern desert, a mysterious cult prays for the return of the Visitors.

Only one creature can derail that grand and glorious event: An evil entity, known as the Duad, can keep the Visitors from arriving and prevent the transfiguration to come.

Daley, who lives nearby, has a far more serious problem: an alien consciousness has taken up residence in her head. Medical tests turn up nothing, but still she knows it’s there. Among other things, the strange being... won’t stop talking!

Then Daley discovers she has the gift of healing. She can cure anything and anyone — the halt, the lame, the blind. Despite living in a small town, Daley had hopes to conceal her new ability, but the cult discovers her gift. The belief that Daley is the hated Duad leads to a series of bizarre attempts on her life.

Daley tries desperately to figure out what is really going on — is the voice in her head the devil, the Duad, a wise friend who wants to help her... or the first sign of mental illness?

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Release date: June 29, 2021
Genres: science fiction, thriller
Expectation rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: June 29, 2021