Destroyer of Light

by Jennifer Marie Brissett
Destroyer of Light - Jennifer Marie Brissett 7.50   4

Reminiscent of Miéville and Butler, Jennifer Marie Brissett, author of Elysium, has created a disturbing and haunting sf narrative in Destroyer of Light, interweaving mythology with interdimensional aliens, human refuges, child soldiers, and genetic engineering.

Over three hundred years in the future, all humans on the planet Eleusis are refugees following the alien destruction of Earth.

Within this society of haves and have-nots, of criminals and dissidents, of former alien conquerors claiming a desire for peaceful cohabitation, three stories intertwine: a young girl abducted by a violent warlord, twin brothers searching for the lost son of a human/alien couple, and a young woman with extraordinary powers who’s risen through the insurgent ranks in the borderlands called Night.

Their stories skate across years to build towards one moment, when the fate of all ― human and alien ― hangs in the balance.

Category: Science Fiction

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Release date October 12, 2021
Details updated November 30, 2022
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