Against the Rocks (The Forgotten Ways #2) - Chase Walker

Great Brenar won the war, but at what cost? Walking nightmares roam the New World, consuming those in their path. Once again the Knights of Apollo fulfill their ancient calling to hunt down and destroy evil creatures, but this time, they use their own experience.

When Count Varro discovers corruption in the Holy Order of Apollo, he and his knights must bend or break. Adrift in turbulent circumstances, Jake must endure his own demons. Haunted by visions of those he lost, Jake's soul is on the brink of deterioration. War can drive even the strongest minds to madness, and Jake has seen so much more than war.

Conditions on Delwhick are declining. The people of the Island colony have traded one occupying force for another. Anna struggles to keep her home afloat on these raging seas, but Admiral Kro is deadset on dashing it Against the Rocks.

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Release date: December 2020
Genres: fantasydark fantasy
Expectation rating: 8.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: April 18, 2022