Plan(e)t Engineering

Gene Wolfe
science fiction, non-fiction, short stories
Plan(e)t Engineering - Gene Wolfe

PLAN[E]T ENGINEERING commemorates Gene Wolfe's appearance as Boskone XXI Guest of Honor. It contains a wide range of works displaying his multifaceted writing talents. Included are stories, essays and poems, plus the first ever publication of a map from the world of The Book of the New Sun.

Among the writings included are: "The Books in The Book of the New Sun", a new essay about that world; "The Rubber Bend", the funniest detective pastiche ever; "The Computer Iterates the Greater Trump", the Rhysling Award winning poem; "In Looking-Glass Castle", winner of a 1981 Illinois Arts Council Award; "The Detective of Dreams", an unrecognized masterpiece; "The Anatomy of a Robot", a technical work about the robots in our everyday world; and much more. Also included is an introduction by David G. Hartwell, Boskone's Special Guest this year and editor of The Book of the New Sun.

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Release date: 1984
Genres: science fiction, non-fiction, short stories
Updated: August 28, 2021