The Laughing Gods

by Wilbur Arron
The Laughing Gods (The Forest of Allund #2) - Wilbur Arron N/A

In this second book of the Forest of Allund Trilogy, Mage Alexio Sopholus has cut his ties with both his rulers and the Brotherhood of Mages. However, conditions conspire to draw him back into the Zilar conflict. Despite an attempt on his life and the constant meddling of the Ethnarch and Brotherhood, Alexio is again forced to take part in the wider conflict. A bold move by the Zilar forces Alexio and his family to undertake a perilous journey to ask aid from an untrustworthy Ethnarch in a nearby kingdom. Once deep in enemy territory, he becomes aware of an even more insidious plot against his home, forcing him and his companions to run for their lives. With his life, kingdom, and the Brotherhood all in tatters, Alexio is forced to confront the new enemy and the Zilar to save his home and his friends from the ravishes of his enemies. Along his journey, he will also find new knowledge that will lead him to develop even greater powers Even with these new powers, he must find the courage and the will needed to act in order to protect his friends or they will all suffer the consequences.

Category: Fantasy Mythology

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Release date March 2020
Details updated February 21, 2023

The Forest of Allund :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

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The Laughing Gods (The Forest of Allund #2) N/A
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