Demigod (The Forest of Allund #3) - Wilbur Arron N/A

Two tales conclude this series of novels. In the first, Alexio Sopholus comes up with a dangerous and desperate plan to finally end the Zilar war. He, his wife, and several loyal companions make a dangerous journey to a place where he can challenge the leader Zilar directly. Along the way he finds many new friends, and learns much that allows him to carry out his plan. After several confrontations, Alexio and his friends are faced with the full might of the Zilar. Their only hope is to make a desperate last attack against overwhelming odds against the Zilar himself and his minions. At the same time a great tragedy befalls the three kingdoms that will devastate life for years, causing untold death and destruction, and the deaths of many friends.

In the second tale, several peaceful years have passed by when the kingdoms are faced with a lethal threat even greater than the Zilar. A renegade god and his followers invade the world causing panic and destruction. This new god seeks nothing less than to displace the Olympian Gods of this world and have the people bow down to him instead. The kingdoms, the mages, the armies, and the gods themselves must band together to defeat this interloper or face extinction. The battle will be long, vicious, and without any quarter given. Many will die in the conflagration. The final battle will tax the strength of both gods and men and force Alexio into making the ultimate sacrifice.

Category: Fantasy Mythology

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Release date October 2020
Details updated December 27, 2022

The Forest of Allund :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

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The Laughing Gods (The Forest of Allund #2) N/A
Demigod (The Forest of Allund #3) N/A