Pursuit Without Asking (Tales of the Mongoose and Meerkat #1) - Jim Breyfogle

Alness has fallen, and the brash adventurer Mangos has teamed up with Kat, a rogue whose past is shrouded in mystery... Together, they are the Mongoose and Meerkat!

From the haunted battlefield of Keres to the ruin-strewn jungles of Terzol, they'll take on any jobs they can get to keep themselves in coin and keep the wineskins full...and to stay alive!

This anthology collects the first five adventures of this breakout duo from the pages of Cirsova Magazine, fully illustrated for the first time ever. Plus this volume contains the bonus adventure: Deathwater!

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Release date: August 3, 2020
Publisher: Cirsova Publishing
Genres: fantasysword and sorcery, adventure
Expectation rating: 7.00/10
Total ratings: 1
Updated: September 30, 2021