The Undertakers

by Nicole Glover
The Undertakers (Murder & Magic #2) - Nicole Glover 8.00   1

Nicole Glover delivers the second book in her exciting Murder & Magic series of historical fantasy novels featuring Hetty Rhodes and her husband, Benjy, magic practitioners and detectives living in post–Civil War Philadelphia.

Nothing bothers Hetty and Benjy Rhodes more than a case where the answers, motives, and the murder itself feel a bit too neat. Raimond Duval, a victim of one of the many fires that have erupted recently in Philadelphia, is officially declared dead after the accident, but Hetty and Benjy’s investigation points to a powerful Fire Company known to let homes in the Black community burn to the ground. Before long, another death breathes new life into the Duval investigation: Raimond’s son, Valentine, is also found dead.

Finding themselves with the dubious honor of taking on Valentine Duval as their first major funeral, it becomes clear that his passing was intentional. Valentine and his father’s deaths are connected, and the recent fires plaguing the city might be more linked to recent community events than Hetty and Benji originally thought.

The Undertakers continues the adventures of murder and magic, where even the most powerful enchantments can’t always protect you from the ghosts of the past...

Also known as The Conductors Book 2.

Category: Fantasy

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Release date November 9, 2021
Details updated December 23, 2022

Murder & Magic :: Series

Series contains 2 primary works and has 2 total works.

The Conductors (Murder & Magic #1) 7.34   3
The Undertakers (Murder & Magic #2) 8.00   1