The Godless (Seven Forges #5) - James A. Moore 7.00   1

The eagerly anticipating fifth book in the Seven Forges series

The long war with the Sa'ba Taalor has ended, but the land of Fellein does not know peace - only ceaseless change.

A spate of murders draw the interest of Darsken Murdrow of the Inquisition, until the hunter becomes the hunted. Andover Lashk of the Iron Hands seeks a home in a world in which he no longer fits. An unholy necromancer steals souls, makes sacrifices, and sows fear.

And in the barren wastelands of the Wellish Steppes, the army of the Godless gathers. Driven from their homeland, abandoned by their deities, the Godless now follow the banner of a new Master, and are thirsty for blood.

Release date September 28, 2021

Details updated July 26, 2022

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Seven Forges :: Series

Series contains 5 primary works and has 5 total works.

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The Godless (Seven Forges #5) 7.00   1