The Call (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #1) - Jason Bishop, Rose Bishop 10.00   1

The heroes of old are disappearing, victims of kidnapping, murder, even falling to their own despair. But their work is not done. The gods call forth the next generation... and a storm is rising.

In a city once hailed as a natural wonder, now corrupted and sullied, the Spring Market has just begun. Elves are bought and sold wholesale, destined for an unholy ceremony: a decrepit king seeks immortality. Among the elves is one of royal blood, carrying an artifact of untold power. When it falls into the hands of a young rogue, the brooch seems his ticket to a new life, but instead draws him into an insidious web of danger. Pursued by a huntress seeking vengeance for her sister’s kidnapping, and a pair of half-bloods seeking a father gone missing, he soon finds their paths are hopelessly entangled.

Drawn together by amulets handed down through generations, they soon uncover a legacy of betrayal and loss. Along with a cursed mage who walks with the wicked, they must unite the amulets, rescue the elves, and stop the dark priesthood. If they fail, the High King will rise again, and Urgrithka the Hollow will enter the world of the living. Cyrradon will know an eternity of undeath.

The Call is the first book of the Storm’s Rising’s series, beginning the epic tale of a world created in the image of beauty and balance, and rent asunder by wars among gods and mortals.

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Release date May 2020
Details updated October 11, 2022

Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

The Call (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #1) 10.00   1
The Ascension (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #2) 10.00   1
The Tome of Wyrms (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #3) 10.00   1
Eye of the Witch (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #4) 7.50   2

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