The Ascension (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #2) - Jason Bishop, Rose Bishop 10.00   1

Darkness overshadows Cyrradon. In secret chambers, powerful alliances chart the future of the world. Worshippers of Urgrithka the Hollow prepare a path for Her dominion, eight centuries in the planning. An evil king, guided by an infernal advisor, prepares to doom the living for a chance at immortality. And the gods place their pieces on the board, with agendas of their own stretching back to the First Age of Dragons.

But hope is not lost. Called by the gods though five powerful amulets, the next generation of heroes is gathering: Lendil, a rogue with city skills and a tormented past; Antonio, a half-elf who learned of his legacy with his father’s dying breath; and Dia, an elven huntress living in the shadow of her sister. Guided by a dark mage they are summoned as avatars of the elder gods. They and their companions must recover the final amulet and complete the gathering. Only then can they glimpse their destinies, through the dark and winding prophecies of gods and madmen.

The Ascension is the second book of the Storm’s Rising’s series, continuing the epic tale of a world created in the image of beauty and balance, and rent asunder by the divisions among gods and mortals.

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Release date December 2020
Details updated November 16, 2022

Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising :: Series

Series contains 4 primary works and has 4 total works.

The Call (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #1) 10.00   1
The Ascension (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #2) 10.00   1
The Tome of Wyrms (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #3) 10.00   1
Eye of the Witch (Legends of Cyrradon: Storm's Rising #4) 7.50   2

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