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The events at Roswell have long been one of the U.S. government’s best-kept secrets. But what if Area 51 contains something so bizarre that it bears little resemblance to UFOs, aliens, or anything imagined in even the most detailed conspiracy theories? In Patrick O’Leary’s long-awaited, witty, and moving new novel, a cruel government experiment and an unthinkable betrayal are set into motion by real life friends, not-quite-imaginary friends ― and a series of very confused American presidents.

“[O’Leary’s] voice is fresh and funny.’” ― New York Times

Adam Pagnucco has no idea that stopping to help a homeless man is an absolutely terrible idea. He doesn’t even recognize Winston Koop, his extremely charming ― and extremely drunk ― ex-best friend from college. Koop and Nuke had been inseparable, but then life happened. Nuke finally quit drinking, and Koop ― well, Koop was at the center of a conspiracy so massive, and so strange, that the U.S. government faked the existence of UFOs at Roswell.

While covering up the unlikely experiments on the even more unlikely inhabitants of Area 51 for over sixty years, Koop has surreptitiously stolen the memories of hundreds of people ― if they were lucky.

As Koop makes a tormented confession of his misdeeds, Nuke discovers that listening is more than dangerous ― it’s devastating. Not only is Nuke is depending on Koop to keep his own past safe and locked away, time is running out for both of them. The strange inhabitants of Area 51 desperately need both of their help, and a rebellion is coming.

Category: Science Fiction

Release date February 8, 2022

Details updated July 23, 2022

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