The Ministry of Necessity (The Gentleman Bastard Sequence #5) - Scott Lynch 8.34   6

From Scott Lynch comes The Ministry of Necessity the 5th highly anticipated book in The Gentleman Bastard Sequence.

The burden of authority and the illusion of respectability.

A dangerous bid to reach old allies.

A shadow war against even older enemies.

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Release date TBA (estimate 2024)
Details updated September 23, 2022

The Gentleman Bastard Sequence :: Series

Series contains 7 primary works and has 8 total works.

Follow the the life and adventures of Locke Lamora, a master con artist in a world where con artistry, as we know it, is a new and rare style of crime. These seven novels will reveal his grand ambitions as well as his astounding failures. See his wits pitted against ever-increasing odds on behalf of the few things that truly matter to him, through the highs and lows of crime, courtly intrigue, politics, love, and war...

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