Mistborn Book 10

by Brandon Sanderson
Mistborn Book 10 (The Mistborn Saga #10) - Brandon Sanderson 8.76   4

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Release date 2027
Details updated March 14, 2023

The Mistborn Saga :: Series

Series contains 13 primary works and has 14 total works.

Mistborn is a series of epic fantasy novels written by American author Brandon Sanderson and published by Tor Books. It is a major part of the Cosmere sequence and is set mostly on the Shardworld Scadrial.

The Mistborn Saga contains:
Books #1-3 are the original trilogy to be read together.
Books #4-7 are the Wax and Wayne series that take place 300 years later.
Books #8-10 are the Third Era books set "in the early days of computer programming".
Books #11-13 are the Fourth Era books ...

Main series Cosmere
Related series Mistborn Trilogy
Related series Mistborn: Wax and Wayne
Related series Mistborn: Third Era
Related series Mistborn: Forth Era

Mistborn: The Final Empire (The Mistborn Saga #1) 8.64   173
The Well of Ascension (The Mistborn Saga #2) 8.06   116
The Hero of Ages (The Mistborn Saga #3) 8.36   94
Mistborn: Secret History (The Mistborn Saga #3.5) 7.40   5
The Alloy of Law (The Mistborn Saga #4) 8.28   28
Shadows of Self (The Mistborn Saga #5) 7.70   13
The Bands of Mourning (The Mistborn Saga #6) 8.66   9
The Lost Metal (The Mistborn Saga #7) 8.66   3