A Gift of Ice

by James Dashner
Release date: 2004
Type: speculative fiction
Genres: fantasy, young adult

A Gift of Ice continues the fantastic journey for truth that began with A Door in the Woods and will become a four-volume series. The series has been enjoyed by readers of all ages, but it has particularly been a big hit with teenage readers.

Jimmy Fincher cannot be destroyed. In an impossible place under A Door in the Woods, Jimmy received the first of The Four Gifts - contributions of a mysterious and desperate people trying to save the world from an enemy unprecedented in ruthlessness. Not much is known about this enemy, or what their purposes may be. But a haunting phrase has been spoken as a warning. The Stompers are coming. Having temporarily sealed the entrance to the Black Curtain - that strange portal from whence the Stompers will come - Jimmy has fled to Japan with his family in search of The Second Gift, with only scant clues as their guide. Peril will be inescapable, mysteries will abound. Nothing can be assumed, and help will be found in the least likely of places.

The weight of the world will fall upon Jimmy. He is not a wizard. He is not a mutant. He is not a genius. He is far more powerful. He is Jimmy Fincher.


updated 2017-01-18

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