The Rot (The Raven Rings #2) - Siri Pettersen 7.42   66

The original novel was published in 2014.

Book Two in Siri Pettersen's epic fantasy trilogy – The Raven Rings – at last comes to the U.S. after taking European audiences by storm.

"Blood magic, blackmail, and battle rock a rich world of fading magic to its core in this internationally bestselling Norwegian epic fantasy." – Publishers Weekly reviews Odin's Child

To protect her homeland of Ym, Hirka left it behind. She traveled through the raven rings, a stone circle that can be used as a portal, to an unfamiliar world. A world without the Might, a world where none of the people have tails, a world that seems rotten at its very core. That world is modern-day Europe.

Hirka was supposed to fit in with humans here. And her departure was supposed to be save Ym from the invasion of the blind. Yet none of that has happened. Instead, Hirka finds herself just as much of an outsider among the humans as she was among ymlings – even more so when she discovers that she has blood of the blind running through her veins. Meanwhile back in Ym, Rime – now the Ravenbearer – is fighting an ongoing battle against the blind, not to mention against his fellow Councilors, as well as with his own despair over losing Hirka.

Separated by worlds, unsure who to trust, and hunted for reasons they cannot understand, both Hirka and Rime must find a way to stop a thousand-year-old evil from destroying not only Ym, but every world in existence.

Also known as Odin's Child Book 2.

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Release date October 5, 2021
Original title 'Råta'
Details updated February 26, 2023

The Raven Rings :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Odin's Child (The Raven Rings #1) 8.04   102
The Rot (The Raven Rings #2) 7.42   66
The Might (The Raven Rings #3) 7.76   47

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