The Immortal (Rise of the Warlords #2) - Gena Showalter 8.50   2

Halo Phaninon, assassin of gods, is as cold and merciless as a machine. For victory, he will cross any line. When tasked to kill 12 of mythology’s fiercest monsters in twenty-four hours, Halo eagerly accepts. Except, each morning he awakens to the same day, forced to relive it over and over again. Only one other person retains their memory–the beauty who threatens his iron control.

Ophelia the Flunk Out hates her disaster of a life. She’s the family disappointment, the harpy warrior without a kill, and powerless—or is she? Every night she’s doomed to repeat her own murder but every morning she rises to spar with Halo, a ruthless warlord increasingly determined to save her…and lure her to his bed.

Halo’s insatiable desire for the stubborn Ophelia drives him mad…and he only craves more. If he remains in the time loop, they stay together. But if he escapes, they lose each other forever.

Release date February 1, 2022

Details updated August 9, 2022

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Rise of the Warlords :: Series

Series contains 3 primary works and has 3 total works.

Belongs to the series Lords of the Underworld

The Warlord (Rise of the Warlords #1) 7.00   1
The Immortal (Rise of the Warlords #2) 8.50   2
The Phantom (Rise of the Warlords #3) 8.50   2