The Culture: The Notes

by Iain M. Banks, Ken MacLeod
The Culture: The Notes - Iain M. Banks, Ken MacLeod 8.00   3

The first release will be a beautiful, full-colour, large-format landscape artbook called The Culture: The Drawings, which will present Iain’s drawings exactly as he intended them to be seen.

Following this, we will publish a Culture companion book that celebrates the world of the Culture through Iain’s own writing. With accompanying text from Ken MacLeod, it will include an extensive selection of Iain’s notes, tables and charts relating to the Culture universe, as well as extracts from the novels.

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Category: Non-fiction

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Release date TBA (estimate 2023)
Details updated March 5, 2023

The Culture :: Series

Series contains 9 primary works and has 13 total works.

Consider Phlebas (The Culture #1) 7.90   86
The Player of Games (The Culture #2) 8.12   78
Use of Weapons (The Culture #3) 8.12   70
Excession (The Culture #4) 9.10   11
Inversions (The Culture #5) 8.34   9
Look to Windward (The Culture #6) 7.92   58
Matter (The Culture #7) 8.46   11
Surface Detail (The Culture #8) 7.96   60
The Hydrogen Sonata (The Culture #9) 9.30   10
The State of the Art 7.50   4
The State of the Art 7.44   9